International Conferencing at its best

“How do we top this next year?” Was the amazed, if somewhat perplexed comment from client on completion of the Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) Annual Sales Conference 2014, Middle East sector, held in Barcelona, Spain. The conference was organized by leading international events company CLA Brand & Event Engineering. Five hundred delegates were given VIP treatment and had the opportunity to experience 5 days of focused strategy meetings; inspirational performances combined with amazing experiences that allowed them to immerse themselves not only in their corporate culture but also in the culture of the creative city of Barcelona.

BEC_9653As any top eventing company will attest, it is essential to ensure that you are addressing all critical issues in the design, development, implementation and coordination of the event. “Getting the right balance between stimulation, memorable experience and business has to be carefully managed when putting together events like these, notes CEO of CLA Brand & Event Engineering,” Michael Collyer, “once client asks for a pitch, it’s a matter of finding the best possible options from concept to location, entertainment and accommodation. Options that best tie in with what client are trying to communicate and achieve.”

In the case of BI their event was based on a CLA proposed concept ‘BI-ONIC’

… ‘How to successfully live the brand by learning new ways of doing things, challenging new thinking and finding the BI ONIC legend within.’ The brief given for the event included the following aims and objectives:

  • To create an atmosphere where the BI ‘brand’ was honoured
  • To ensure an environment that was inspirational
  • The evening functions had to be about celebrating BI people, their successes, and connecting with the rest of the international team in a world-class arena.
  • To create stimulating and thought provoking AV’s and communication designs.

This required an intensive program that covered several aspects to the conference from recognition awards to training and goal setting focus groups, mixed with uplifting and cultural experiences.

Boehringer Ingelheim Middle East takes Barcelona by storm, CLA Brand & Event EngineeringCollyer emphasizes that the success of this particular event was due to the input of expert staff and partners coming together seamlessly with a pre-production lead-time of 4 months. The W Hotel Barcelona was selected as the venue of choice to accommodate all requirements. The W offered sufficient high-end guest rooms and suites, as well as conferencing facilities which included The Great Room, which was a large venue that allowed for the full quota of guests to attend key note speakers and awards ceremonies, as well smaller meeting/studio rooms for strategy meetings and training. “Choosing the right destination and venue partner when organizing your international conference is the basis of a successful event,” notes Collyer “our aim is to give clients a conducive space for truly unique and memorable experiences.”

The highlight events included the Grand Opening of the conference, which consisted of a spectacular mix of keynote presentations seamlessly integrated with entertainment encompassing the BI ONIC theme throughout.

The other unforgettable experience was the Gala Dinner event, held at the most majestic venue in Barcelona – MNAC the National Art Museum of Catalonia. Housed in the Palau Nacional, an Italian style palace dating back to 1929. The dinner was held in the spectacular Oval Hall, one of the largest rooms to accommodate events in all of Europe, with an immense dome over 30 feet high from the highest landing. The concept was a masked ball and formal dinner with exclusive Spanish entertainment. The Rambla’s, which are ‘human statues’ performers dressed up as famous and infamous characters, met the guests, then guests had the pleasure of the Jove Contrapunt Choir on entry into the main hall. During the course of the evening Barcelona’s Increpacion Danza dance troupe mesmerized the audience with their performance that transcends traditional Spanish and Flamenco dance yet remains dramatically true to their roots. The evening finished off with a performance by singing sensation Rebecca.

After such an amazing event it will indeed be difficult to surpass! However the eventing industry is all about making magic and that’s what CLA is best at, so here’s to the next phenomenal sensorium.



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